Live roulette – for the players who want the real deal

Live roulette – for the players who want the real deal

I personally love playing online roulette and I wouldn’t give up my comfort zone over betting in a real casino. And when I’d just need a reminder of how sitting at a table of a land based casino feels, I’d usually play a live dealer roulette.

A live roulette table would feel for you just like a regular casino table, without having to endure all the noisy crowds and the long way from your home to the casino you’d usually attend. The best part of playing a live dealer game is that you could easily interact with the dealer and the other players at the table, and you could place your bet directly.

If you were to ask me, I’d say that winning at a live dealer wheel is easier; unlike in online roulette games that use RNGs, you could take your time and observe where the ball tends to land and where not. This is actually the main difference between the ordinary online roulette and the live dealer version.

And if you are the kind of player that sticks close to his favorite type of roulette (like, for example, European), note that live dealer games come in various forms as well. You could find your favorite type of roulette wheel at almost every online casino that hosts live dealer games.

Live roulette is definitely something you should try out (if you haven’t done so yet) if you are a true gambling fan. It could bring you the best experiences without wasting time, you could win with ease, and you’ll enjoy the real casino atmosphere.


Alan Gates

Alan Gates

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March 2, 2017



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