How to play in Roulette tournaments

How to play in Roulette tournaments

If you want to learn to play roulette, joining a Roulette tournament can be a great way to start. As a matter of fact Roulette tournaments are increasing in popularity especially at online casinos where players buy chips and then wait in line to find out if they are lucky enough to win. These tournaments are usually short and players can walk away with some great winnings.

How to join a Roulette tournament

Every one who wants to join a Roulette tournament is looking for something, whether it is winning or just having fun and they have different criteria before deciding to join the competition. Here are some things you could be taking into consideration when trying to figure out if you want to join a tournament or not:

  • is the tournament land-based or at an online casino?
  • the tournament dates;
  • the times when the tournament begins and ends on each day of the competition;
  • the entry fee;
  • what are the minimum and maximum accepted bets;
  • the prizes available.

If you play in an online tournament, then you will often find that the casino might offer a first prize, but also a number of second and third prizes as well. Sometimes even the ones in the fourth and fifth position might be rewarded too.

Roulette tournaments’ rules

In order to join a tournament you might have to pay the tournament fee, also known as a buy-in. The fee differs from a casino to another.
In return you will be given chips, a number that also varies between casinos, but all players will receive the exact same number of chips. Typically, you are given 1000 times the buy-in in chips. That means if your buy-in was $5, you will receive $5,000 worth of chips.
The rules of the tournament may vary from a casino to another, but the rules of the game are the same no matter where you play at (an online casino or a land-based one).
While the aim of the game is to beat the casino, the aim of the tournament is to finish with more chips than any other player.

Final round of the roulette tournament

To qualify for the final round of a roulette tournament, players need to participate in a certain number of qualifying rounds. These rounds are played at tables with a maximum of 20 players. The final round is basically made up of the best players from the qualifying rounds.


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