Why I play real money Roulette online more than in real life

Why I play real money Roulette online more than in real life

Dear present or future players,

This open letter is addressed to you. If it sounds like a love letter, that’s because it kinda’ is. I absolutely love online roulette. And here’s why.

Playing online roulette gives you many advantages and one of them is that it offers two main choices: playing an online roulette game for free, or for real money. In a land base casino, you won’t have an alternative option. You’ll just have to play to win. And not a single soul I know enjoys losing. So here’s a little piece of advice I got from a friend of mine, who’s a stockbroker…

“Test before you invest”

First and foremost, test your luck. I found online roulette to be the perfect testing grounds. You can take your time until you finally get used to your game, which is awesome, especially if you are a beginner. But, after that, it’s time to aim higher. Where’s the joy of gambling if you can’t increase your fortune while doing so, after all?

Roulette is the best game to bet online on, I really think it is; that’s because it offers you many betting options, both high and low risk. You could just bet on odds, or you could straightly bet on your lucky number.

No matter which strategy you apply, roulette betting system could be providing you more wins than any other online table games.

A short online roulette lesson

The popularity of this game influenced positively people’s creativity, and besides the three main types of roulette wheels (American, European, and French), there have appeared various types of roulette games you could play for real money.

For example, there are online roulette wheels where more players can join the fun. There are roulette multi-wheel tables, which give you more winning chances, and there are as well online roulette games that add a twist to the basic gameplay.

Then, there come the live roulette tables, where you’ll feel just like you are having a good time at a real casino. So, every roulette player that loves playing to win, and even beginners should try out betting on online roulette wheels.

It could bring you big wins in a fast and easy way, and it gives you the opportunity to pick from a variety of games and bet in various ways.

To conclude, I only tell you this: play, win, live even if you’re in front of your computer like I am now, writing to you.

Yours truly,

A player and a friend.

PS: If you ever feel to write back, I invite you to the contact page of my blog.


Alan Gates

Alan Gates

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March 19, 2017



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